Speed Dating is original, fast and funny way to know people face to face. It is the new fashion on the principal cities in the world to increase your social circle and find your soulmate with effectiveness.

In every Speed Dating My soulmate event will have 10 to 15 small - dates of 10 minutes, during this time, every couple ll take a direct conversation with the other person. If both people are interested each other, we 'll give them the information of the contact so they ll communicated directly without an intermediary.

In 10 minutes of all then ll have more than a first impression, without risk to take a extend date with someone they would not have chemistry, furthermore they 'll have a entertained night where they 'll know an interesting person.




We are regularly approached by venues looking to have the cheekiest in the world of dating to their spots. We say yes to a very few - limiting it to locales that are at once casually hip and wonderfully flirty. A fabulous way to visit or re-visit some of the best the city has to offer.



Every event is fancy and discrete that anybody ll know that you are in a speed Dating. We are going to organize everything, in such a way that all continue its natural curse, you can bring a friend if it gives you more confidence and makes your night more interesting.


Much like a private club, not every dater is for us. We are the only organization to routinely screen daters we feel may not be a good fit for our clients. If we meet a dater we don't think you'll fancy meeting, we'll say 'No thank you' so you don't have to.





Just you need to choose the event that you want to assist and make the registration, after that we will call you to know you and them just you need to send us the Voucher of the payment and one picture of you.

If you have any questions, worry or need an advice, you can call us from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. to Monday to Saturday or write us Via Email info@mysoulmateperu.com, with pleasure we will answer you as soon as possible.

The night has come! Now is time to chose the perfect fit, go to the place at the specific time according to the event and already!... Remember to pick up your DNI, Passport or Foreign Card and be punctual. so you 'll have more time to share with the others daters and start the night with the right feet. We like to wait for all Daters, for this reason, there are some minutes previous to take a seat and talk with others Daters.

Our lovely Hostess ll help you with your Scorecard (Date – Mate), and indicate you which is your table, explain the dynamic and will bring the ring of the beginning.

All Ladies ll being seating while man turn table to table to share with every lady between 8 to 10 minutes when the Hostess indique. We will have, depending on the event two breaks of 10 or 15 minutes, so you can take a rest, lose the shyness and speak with your possible SoulMate.

During The event, after every mini - Date. you just have to write your possible Date - Mate in the downside of your SCORECARD and we will do the rest. For those who had mutual compatibility, We will contact by phone or Email, to bring them all the information of the contact so they can have a second date without intermediaries.

Unfortunately, The event is over, but the night just start. Feel the freedom to continue the night, and make new friends. The unique thing that we need is your Scorecard (Date – Mate) to determinate is the love is in the air for you.

With sensibility and simplicity, we offer a service A1.

Beautiful Place and Lovely Hostess to help in everything that you need.




What is Speed Dating My SoulMate Peru?
Speed dating My Soulmate Peru, is part of a Canadian chain. We are a company dedicated since 2012 to the service of Quick Appointments that seek to meet between 10 to 15 singles boys or girl, Peruvians or Foreigners, it is a single night With a Canadian touch, we make every event a relaxed and Fancy night.

Only Peruvian can attend?
Absolutely not! All are welcome at each of our events, you just have to register on our website www.mysoulmateperu.com or FanPage and bring your DNI, Passport or Foreign Registration Card to the event.

What types of people attend the Speed Dating My Soulmate Peru events?
They are usually smart, fun, sophisticated and adventurous people. They are people who tend to set the trend, rather than following it. We are in the part defined by the places that we choose and our Daters reflect it.

How do I book my place?
Simply, select the EVENT SCHEDULE tab on the homepage to get a list of our events. We will call you to know you a little bit more and after that, you just send a copy of the payment ticket via email or WhatsApp and all is ready, your name will be listed on our guest list.

What happens if the event is exhausted?
We liked being able to accommodate everyone! But we manage groups of 20 or 30 people at most; according to the event, you can send us an email to info@mysoulmateperu.com to get information about the process and put on the waiting list or just put you in the next event. It is a good idea to continue reviewing our website because we continually update our calendar of events.

At what time should I attend the event?
The Start times can be found in the event description. Try to be punctual so you have the opportunity to share with the first arrivals, we like waiting for all the Daters to arrive, so it's the perfect opportunity to chat with the hostess, order your drink, eat something, lose shyness and enjoy a nice place, without hurry.

What is a Date - Mate?
A "Date-Mate" means you have a Match! You like someone and that person like you !!!, You wrote his name on your SCORECARD and he did the same in his SCORECARD. Then the next day we will call separately, to give both the contact number and all the information of the person, so they will have a second appointment without intermediaries. We will call you in the next 24 hours and if we can not contact you we will send you an email.

How long do I talk to my possible Date Mate?
In each Mini - Date, you 'll talk to your potential "Date-Mate" about 8 - 10 minutes, when the hostess gives the indication, the boys should move to the next appointment (The boys rotate, the girls remain seated).

So little time; a lot to say.
Do not worry. In today's world, we tend to know in minutes if someone like us. You can also chat more with your 'Date-Mates' in the two break that we have 10 or 15 minutes (depend on the event) or after the event. Just have fun and come to him or her!

How will I know that I have a 'Date Mate' and how can I contact my 'Date Mate'?
For all Daters that have a match, be notified within 24 hours of the end of the event, by telephone or e-mail: We will bring you the phone number and Email of your Date-Mate. Your 'Date-Mate' also received your name, Phone Number, and email. You had a Match!

What does my payment include?
It depends on the event, some events Includes a drink a la carte and a snack, others just a drink. Although definitely we will always give you a drink and we will do our best to give you something, so we want you to keep us in mind.

How long does a Speed Dating My Soulmate Peru event last?
All events last for about 3 hours, start at 7 pm and end at 10 pm. Although some events may have other schedules, that depends on the scheduling of each event, we update all the information on our website daily, so you will not miss anything and if you constantly review. In addition, each event has a 10- or 15-minute break.

Are 8 or 10 minutes enough?
Definitely !! Between 8 to 10 minutes is perfect for the other person if he is really interested in future meetings. Also, 8 to 10 minutes are not so long if the other person is not to your complete satisfaction.

How many appointments will Speed Dating My Soulmate Peru have?
Between 10 or 15 mini-dates between 10 or 15 possible "Date-Mate". This depends on the event that you sign up.

Why do I need to book in advance?
This is super important !, if you want to ensure your participation in the event you are interested in, remember that we only handle 20 or 30 people per event and we always respect the number of guests, if you have a space you have to wait for the next one or be in Waiting List, if any Dater decided to cancel at the last minute. Our events are super exclusive and we do one per week and. But you can always call us to see how we can help or ensure your participation for the next event.

Way to pay?
The payment you can do it is through any Bank agency to our Dollars or Soles account. Once the payment has been made, you must send us the ticket payment by email or WhatsApp where you indicate your Name so your reservation will be confirmed!

What happens when I arrive at the event?
When you arrive at the event you will be welcomed, A hostess will check your data and you will receive a label with your name and number, also a pen and a notepad (SCORECARD) where you write after each mini - Date, your possible "Date -Mates "(The guys or women that you liked and want to see you again ), then you will be invited to have a drink at the bar and taste a snack. Everything will be done to make you feel comfortable. When everyone has arrived, one of the Hostess will give a brief introduction and welcome everybody, explain how to use the notepad (SCORECARD), explain the dynamic of the event and give the start ring.

What happens next?
Once the dates begin, those labeled with number One will start at table one, those labeled with number Two at table two and so on. After 8 or 10 minutes, we will ring a bell, the ladies will remain seated and the men will move to the next table. This continues until the break, which will be between 10 or 15 minutes (depending on the event).

What if I like someone?
During the event, simply tick a check in the online book (SCORECARD), corresponding to the person you like to indicate that you would like to see that person again. The next day we will call you and if we can not contact you we will send you an email telling you which people you would like to see again, they also want to see you again and we will give you all the information about that person.

Could you give me the data of a person X?
Unfortunately, we can not do that, MY SOULMATE PERU, only puts in contact the people who are reciprocally interested. To protect each person we will not send data from anyone unless both are interested.

Can I come without company?
Of course !!. Our hostess will make sure you feel comfortable. If you come alone, do not be afraid to talk to the other Daters, ask or talk to the Hostess before starting the appointments. Everyone will be very friendly and others who are alone will feel welcome too.

How should I dress for the event?
We do not operate a dress code, but generally, we recommend wearing 'casual chic'. But be yourself. This is not a fashion show. Dress with what you feel comfortable with, but do not forget the first impression counts.

How strict are the age ranges?
Relatively strict. If the age range is for example 26-34 then you would be out of place if you are in the 40s. But if you have 36 or something more and you appear to be in the chosen age range, then you can feel comfortable to participate and enjoy the event. Just contact us.

Can I cancel?
If you contact us by email or phone at least 5 days before the event, you will be fully refunded without any objection on the following days. If you cancel 5 days or less to the event, there will be no refund and we will do our best to transfer your appointment to another date.





Let us find the perfect person for you.

"Chris and I have a success story, I were the only single or the" last single "as my friend used called me... the day of the event I was quite nervous, but everything happened when the event started and It was fun and Naturally, when we saw each other, I knew

he was the boy, we went out for couples of months and we are officially couple for three months and I must say that I love him, he is the boy of my dreams, this works, register and have fun " - Jennifer - 37 years old - Accountant.

"He never thought that such event would change my life, I agreed to give my testimony because now I have the girl I was looking for, she is beautiful and charming, I knew that I liked her when I saw her and then we had Match, I called her immediately, I remember that we went to eat sushi on the first date... Jennifer makes my days happy and work took a back seat, we are planning many things together and I have to say, that she changed my life, this event changed my life, Sometimes small changes, makes big changes, good luck to everyone!" - Andrés - 42 years old - Civil Engineering.
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"I went to one of the events because a friend of mine Who had met his current partner recommended it to me, I had no pretension, just curiosity, and in a short time, I met the woman who is the women I was looking for. I am very satisfying; our relationship is

beautiful." - Matthias - 45 years old - Ing. Industrial.

"Hello, today I am here to say goodbye to the Speed Dating and to thank for this tool that helps to unite people who are really looking for love, After the event, In a few days I was meeting someone with whom I am enjoying the first minute and every day that we share is a blessing, we are building a life together step by step, I have to say that here I have found the love of my life and we are both very happy and grateful, I encourage you all to try and not lose hope. way to get to know each other, go to a Speed Dating to find a partner, but for us it was the most beautiful way, the beginning of our story, which is already one year old, and it was thanks to My Soulmate Peru, always grateful for it." - Johanna - 39 years old - Teacher.
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"Hello everyone, I will tell you my experience briefly, I have met the most special person in the world, my soulmate and current wife, who I have always been waiting and looking for all my life, and thanks to My Soulmate Peru I have been able to know She is an excellent, amazing, fantastic person, I was married before and I have a 7-year-old baby that I adore. After a divorce, starting over is hard and I thought I would

not get it. and I attended the events twice and the second date was my lucky day 😉." - John - 40 years old - Accountant.

"Today 2 years ago I met my husband at a My Soulmate Peru, without them it would have been impossible for us to have met, so I write these letters, to tell them that I am with a wonderful person, everything I say about him, it’s great and good, I did not believe in the arrows, but now, yes, our second date was in a shopping center and as soon as I saw it, I had a hunch, that this was just the beginning. He is my force and my partner." - María - 42 years old - Businesswoman.
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"Thanks to My Soulmate Peru I found the person who gives meaning to my life. Three years ago, I broke my commitment to the woman I believed, I would spend the rest of my life, this hurt me a lot and I felt that everything was over and thanks to the courage of my family and friends I keep going, I attended an event of My Soulmate Peru, and I

had the opportunity to find a friend as I call “for life"" - Marcos - 47 years old - Graphic designer.

"I met Marcos at a Speed Dating event, but we never got to meet after the event, one day I went to a store and I met him there, we recognized each other and we went for a coffee and talked a little. We went on seeing each other as friends from time to time, the months went by and we found each other again, I have to say that I met the man of my life, thanks to My Soulmate Peru, we have been together for a year and a half, I just wanted to thank you They gave me the opportunity to meet Marcos, we met by pure coincidence and little by little, ours became a beautiful love story, with all that entails (good times and not so good moments), but now we are two and not one." - Sonia Maribel - 45 years old - Publicist.
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"Participating in a Speed Dating event has opened the doors of Eden, I have discovered the key to happiness, a true woman" It began suddenly, was irresistible, unexpected and finally a fantastic explosion of love. Thanks, My Soulmate Peru

because now I have someone who gives meaning to my life." - Rodrigo - 37 years old - Businessman.

"I've known my boyfriend thanks to a Speed Dating event, I never thought he would, but my sister encouraged me and even bought my ticket, I was curious and I don't want to disappoint my sister." When the event began, everything was so natural, I saw him and I thought he was adorable. We both had a clear profile of the couple we were looking for, our affinity was quite high from the beginning, we were going out almost every day after work, I'm happy, he's perfect in every way and He is not just a half orange, it's my best friend." - Anaís - 35 years old - Management assistant.
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“I met my partner thanks to a My Soulmate Peru, I went a meeting 2 years ago, I did a Registration and they called me and without realizing it I was registered and in the event, before meeting Luis, I used to I spent my weekends at home or partying with my friends, I think I was filled with disappointments and many times I felt lonely, so I played

one more card, and after the event I could not believe that I had a match with the boy that I loved From the first moment, he was everything I was looking for on my party nights, we started writing and one day we went out to walk on the beach and started to be friends. Later as a couple and today we have a girl from almost two months." - Gianina - 29 years old - Administrator.

"I met a lovely woman through this Quick Dating service, for some it was crazy, so I did not tell anyone, just to the mirror jajaja, I really went with the intention of finding someone special and it happened, she is great, sweet, loving, we both like to travel and cook, we got married in an intimate ceremony less than a year ago, we also have a baby, life is a surprise, I cannot ask for more. We have a solid relationship and a member who makes our lives endless joys." - Luis - years old - Commercial manager.
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"I just want to tell you that without My Soulmate Peru, I would not be married to this wonderful man now. I attended an event because I was not feeling well, I had just finished my marriage over a year ago and at one point I thought that the duel was enough, I have a 6-year-old baby and that's why it was hard to overcome when we ended our marriage of 10. In the beginning after the event and after we knew we had

Match, John invited me to go out, I instantly realized that the places We frequented were the same, we have a lot in common... Certainly we both like to play sports, eat healthy and enjoy spending time with family. I am happy to say that I have been married for three months. Very happy and above all, calm and sure that I found someone special, I feel that he was a gift to all my prayers." - Sarita - 42 years old - Psychologist.

"I'm John, I'm from the USA, San Francisco, I moved to Lima for work, and I wanted to meet a girl from Peru, my best friend is married to a girl from Lima and they are doing very well and after finishing a long relationship with A girl from Mexico, I thought a change would be the best thing that I could do, I found a job and I was always very busy, I always wanted to go to a Speed Dating, but I never did it in my city, so when I saw the ad on Facebook , why not!, I did it and I met my Sarita, she liked me a lot from the beginning, she likes to do sports like me and also go for a walk and walk and she with her laughs and details made of my life in Lima, a light, I proposed to her in Paris, Hahaha, I know she did not expect it, we are married and we have a 6-year-old son, although it is not mine, I want it as if he were mine." - John - 49 years old - Systems Engineer.
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"Hello everyone, I really knew My Soulmate Peru, by a colleague who also got married thanks to this Speed Dating service, she helped me to register and in just two weeks I was in the event, in my country it is quite common, but I never gave myself the opportunity to attend because I had a relationship of almost 7 years, when I arrived in Peru it was for reasons of work that I was still my partner, but she returned to Italy

and I was single, so I decided to participate, I am quite curious and when I saw Sonia I wanted to talk to her, I did not wait for the event to start and talk to her, and also in the break, because I knew that we would be the last couple to talk, I invited her to leave the next day, I realized that we were practically neighbors and that she spent almost every day for her work... Months later we traveled together through the jungle, she introduced me to her family and I was able to get to know her city... We currently live together. As you believe that things happend, when you believe in something and take risks, Life gives you gifts. Good vibes." - Ciro - 45 years old - Advertiser and Musician.

"Hi, my name is Sonia, about eleven months ago I found a wonderful man, he is Italian and I am Peruvian, but I come from Loreto, my hometown, I was married and that is why I moved to Lima, where I work for an Imports company, I was attending one of the My Soulmate Peru events because two of my friends also attended and convinced me, I had a lot of fun, I met a lot of guys, but one of them, My Ciro, I liked him from the beginning, he is a happy man, who enjoys every moment, who motivates me and gives me happiness every day since we met, we started a beautiful relationship through the Speed Dating service. We are couple, in fact, we live together and this year it's my turn to travel to his country." - Sonia - 37 years old - Commercial Executive.
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"I think I should start by telling my story, I had a disappointment, before meeting Elizabeth, I had a girlfriend for many years and well our relationship ended, not very well and that led me a strong depression, for a long time I thought that love would not come to me, I'm not much of parties, but I found in the Speed Dating Services, at first I

was quite nervous, but then everything went very well, I talked to several interesting girls, but there was one special with which I had chemistry, I invited her to go out a week after I knew we had Match, I was sorry she rejected me because it happened a week after the call of My Soulmate Peru, but she said yes, I am a man of details and she enjoyed every minute, I knew that beautiful smile that illuminates everything She has a 3 year old baby, who is part of the family, and although it is not mine, I try to give them everything they need, I get it that I'm not just me anymore, we're three. I feel father finally." - Maurio C. - 42 years old - Mechanical Engineer.

"Hello, my name is Elizabeth, I am a dentist, I work for a hospital and as you know, it is a job that takes a lot of time, I also have a 3 year old baby and a loving disappointment in my life history, with the father of my son, but that did not let me lose my role as Mother or stop smiling, I attended the service of Speed Dating because I really believe in this service, I attended one in Miami years ago and when I knew they were doing it in Lima, do not hesitate to attend because I am an optimistic person, I really believe that we have to continue even if the world falls on top, life is a gift and more if you have a baby, you have to keep trying, he is everything, hardworking, mature, responsible and father! We support each other. I love him. I'm very believing and I really believe he is a blessing." - Elizabeth - 35 years old - Odontologist.
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"Christopher and I met through the Speed Dating service of My Soulmate Peru, he is not Peruvian, he is from England, I had never been with a foreigner and my English is so bad, I did not know how to talk to him when we were in the event, I felt sad of not being able to tell him everything I wanted or felt, but he was so kind and made a huge effort to follow the conversation that kept me calm, obviously I liked him and he did it...

We were dating frequently, he is very intelligent and he learned Spanish very fast and well I am still studying English, he motivated me to study and now my English is quite good 😊. He fills me with details and six months ago we are committed, he proposed to me in the Cathedral of Lima, and that was a dream come true, because I went through many disappointments, many pains or trials, before this happened ... We currently live in Manchester." - Carolina - 35 years old - Ing. Informática.

"Hello, I am English and I moved to Lima for work, and since I arrived I use to go out with colleagues from work and one of them invited me to a Speed Dating or Speed Dating event, I saw him cool and a good opportunity to Meet girls. The day of the event something happened very magical and being honest I did not believe in love at first sight We did not expect that either of us were in love to first date jajaja, I met a pretty lady with big brown eyes and beauty hair. I was nervous because I do not know if I was his type and my Spanish was very bad, we practically talked by signs, but that did not matter to me to invited her out when I knew that we had Match. I came back to Manchester, and she decided to come with me, that represented a double commitment for me, and I must thank my friend for taking me to the event and the company My Soulmate Peru, for the excellent service." - Christopher - 37 years old - Finance.
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